Auditory Integration Therapy

A powerful, 10-day listening program that has helped thousands and offers new hope for those needing help with learning difficulties, depression, and even Autism.

Our extensive list of benefits one can hope to achieve with Auditory Integration Therapy:

  • normalized hearing
  • increased attention to language and academics
  • decreased negative behaviors
  • decreased anxiety
  • decreased sound sensitivities
  • positive affect and attitudes
  • hearing phonics and language more appropriately
  • more independence and interaction
  • better muscle tone
  • improved social behavior
  • better eye contact
  • improved academics, skills, language
  • more focus; less distraction
  • increased auditory comprehension
  • very effective with Autistic population


Dr. Guy Beard wrote Hearing Equals Behavior to explain his auditory therapy, his enormous case study of well over 3,000 patients, and all the research and protocol that makes his music listening program so dynamic and powerful in normalizing any abnormal hearing and behavior.

A listening test, independent of our therapy program, can be requested.

Our featured 10 day listening therapy!   The scientifically modulated music influences the whole body and boasts educational benefits.  We perform an initial, midway and  post-therapy audiogram to track your progressive results.

Please ask about our family discount.  Traditionally, if one family member benefits from the program, it is likely that others in the family may as well.

AUDITORY INTEGRATION THERAPY was developed by Dr. Guy Berard in the middle of the 20th Century in Annecy, France.  His amazing music therapy reorganizes a disordered auditory system by normalizing the hearing, which in turn will affect the entire central nervous system and peri-neural systems.  If you have sensitive hearing, language or auditory processing issues, academic issues, this 10 day program is just what the doctor ordered!


As an integral part of the therapy, we also have available the listening test which is done prior to, during and after the therapy.  You may get an audiogram from a licensed audiologist but our fee includes the listening tests and would make the process more convenient for you.  It is a short test, which involves listening for tones through headphones so that we can identify dyslateral hearing, distortions, and/or sensitive hearing, which can all be helped by our program.

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