Monthly Calendar

Monthly events and services will be listed HERE!  Some of the events we will be hosting will include (but not be limited to):

  1. Building Thinking Skills Seminars: The LAST FRIDAY of each month (excluding Dec.)  from 10:00 to 12:00. These seminars include a wide variety of hands-on activities that are proven to enhance and build thinking skills.  Along with the activities will be handouts and explanations of the activities and their brain benefits!!! Please sign up for this by sending your name, phone and number attending via the contact page.
  2. Health and Wellness Classes – some of the offered topics will be essential oils, healthy eating choices, many and varied therapeutic program discussions and explanations, brain injury resources, and the latest brain and health researched programs. Some will be a resource class of various topics and some will be targeted to one focused topic.                                                                                      ESSENTIAL OILS CLASS _ APRIL 30th 6:30
  3. Homeschool Services – ONGOING: I am available to help families decide on curriculums, classes, or resourced helps. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a curriculum, therapy or medical intervention, brainstorm with me through your options.  Additionally, I will be having various classes from the mundane to the academic throughout the year, as interest dictates.
  4. Spanish Class – Mondays at 12:30

Please check this page monthly for articles and interesting books for your effective learning enhancement!!!

A suggested read is Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.  She is a PhD in brain research.  Her book is extremely interesting and enlightening!  She endorses her own programs (the 21 Day Brain Detox Plan and the 5 Step Switch on your Brain Program) which are not as easy as she eludes to as she clips along in her book, but I believe they will work as her research and ideas are very solid.  I have been using the techniques with one student to enhance Science studying skills and it has had a huge impact on comprehension and can easily carry over to any subject.  As suspected though, it takes quite a bit of work to get it underway – but the payoff seems well worth it!

I highly recommend the website  for the amazing wisdom of Sarah Pope. She has a college degree and thoroughly researches many health topics so you don’t have to. She is very balanced and fair which is a rare commodity. The main reason for my endorsement is, as I said, she thoroughly researches but also uses the products, techniques, or ideas she features. I feel sure you will love her site! I peruse a number of health sites but as yet, I would not endorse another one over this!