Denise M. Johnson

A passion for learning and caring has guided me for over 35 years as a teacher, tutor, and therapist in varied settings. Working with neurodevelopmental optometrists, specializing in vision therapy, auditory retraining, and cognitive skills enhancement has led me to question, search, and learn more in order to better help the people I work with.   Reading and reviewing extensively in brain research and current trends in learning has me convinced that identifying any underlying problems and equipping you as parents to make simple, true, and lasting changes is a goal that will have a great impact.  Building your skill set, discipline, and applied therapy, along with good health are proven learning enhancements.  We will help you get there!

FAMILY TREE LEARNING CENTER services include testing for learning and school issues as well as processing concerns; building thinking skills seminars; parent helps; discipline models; and homeschool services to include classes, curriculum advice, consultations for a better program at home, and evaluations.

As an integral part of our center, we focus on each individual as a whole, in all that we do.  We target every therapy and instructional session, every piece of advice, and everything we do, in order to account for the best research available to help that individual be the best person that God had made them to be.  God has a plan for each life and we would like to help you on that journey!

Family Tree Learning Center
216 W. 9th Avenue
Tarentum, PA 15084